Phear At The Phoenix – August 24th

Calling all Phearmongers!! .. join us at The Phoenix on August 24th! Tickets are only $35 directly from us, so message us, call us, break down our doors! .. just get your tickets before they’re gone! ….. and Spread the Phear!!   Advertisements

Dj Metalgod interviews Patrick Mulock of PHEAR

So who are PHEAR? Well, it turns out these Canadian’s have some History. Patrick Mulock (Lead vocals): Patrick had a 2 album stint with Metal Blade Recording Artists Eidolon, with Glen and Shawn Drover, formerly of Megadeth. Prior to that, he fronted Canadian band RAMPAGE. Tyson Emanuel (Guitars): Tyson cut his guitar chops in Europe […]

The Curse Lives On Reviews

Ever since seeing Phear live for the first time as part of the Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2016 competition, I knew that they needed more attention.  Each member shines brightly in their respective department and their Black Sabbath-meets-Judas Priest-meeds-Iron Maiden-meets-King Diamond sound was what won me over.  I’ve only gotten to see the band perform live twice so far […]

Phear Featured On Brave Words

Taken From Brave Words: If you long for the sounds of vintage power and thrash metal with a prog twist, then there is a fast-rising band that perfectly fits this description – Phear. Comprised of Patrick Mulock – lead vocals, Graham Stirrett – guitar, Tyson Emanuel – guitar, Chris Boshis – bass guitar, Chris Lewis […]